KNH Foundation Pegasus Scholarship 2019

The KNH Foundation has, after interacting through skype with a large number of applicants for the ‘KNH Foundation Pegasus Scholarship 2019’, shortlisted the following applicants, in alphabetical order, for the second round of skype interactions this year. 

  1. Mr. Amit Sharma
  2. Ms. Apeksha Gupta
  3. Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh
  4. Ms. Ayushi Negi
  5. Ms. Bhoomika Arora
  6. Ms. Ekakshra Mahajan
  7. Mr. Kushagra Pandey
  8. Ms. Mehak Rastogi
  9. Ms. Monica Benjamin
  10. Ms. Nayanatara B.G.
  11. Ms. Pooja Vohra
  12. Ms. Vrinda Gupta
  13. Ms. Yashna Mehta

The Foundation will be connecting with the short-listed candidates shortly.

The Foundation notices the huge interest amongst young lawyers and recent graduates applying for the ‘KNH Foundation Pegasus Scholarship’, many of whom are deserving candidates in their own right. However, as only one Scholarship is available, all such candidates are not being short-listed. The Foundation does appreciate the initiative and enthusiasm of such young lawyers and recent graduates and encourages them to re-apply in future since the Scholarship is available for practising lawyers having up to seven years of experience.